1.Full diode RGB laser with more stable performance and longer working life than DPSS laser.

2.Built-in 128 laser patterns and beam effects. Customers can edit some simple programs by the software and save it into the SD card,then can display them out.

3.Dust proof designs. Can keep dust out to make it clean and longer lifetime to lower the maintenance costs to minimum.

4.Easy alignment. There is a small window at front panel.If red,green and blue out of alignment.

Users can open this window,then do adjust the screw of precise 3D dichro for RGB alignment.

No need special tool and skilled workers,no need to open the housing.

5.Safety configure: scanner failure protection system, key switch, laser remote interlock.

6.The laser is analog laser modulation that can get millions of colors which will make the show colorful.


Model No.: ZT-40RGB
Power: 40W
Red Laser: 10W@638nm
Green Laser: 10W@520nm
Blue Laser: 20W@450nm
Play Mode: ILDA PC Control, TF Card, Auto
Beam Specification: Ca.7mm/1.5mrad
Scanner: 40Kpps
Max Scanning angle: 60°
Operation temperature: -20~35℃
Dimension: 515*395*280mm
N.W.: 52kg