• Full pure diode RGB laser with more stable performance and longer working life. It can work properly between -30°C and 40°C.
  • Two floors designs, more compacted and much lighter.
  • Top floor: Optical components. This floor has double protection designs to prevent dust and oil completely. It helps to prolong the life of the lighting.
  • Bottom floor: big heat sink and electric components. Heat dissipation by strong air convection with big radiator.
  • Built-in hundreds of beam and animation programs, suitable for more application.
  • Customized animation and line effect programs are available.
  • Safety configure: Single Beam Protection System (can switch ON or OFF; very important for high power laser lights). When switched on, the light will be closed automatically when a single point appears.
  • Applicable to KTV, disco, dance halls, bars, nightclubs, home party.
Model No.: ZT-02RGB
Power: 2W
Red Laser: 400mW@638nm
Green Laser: 600mW@520nm
Blue Laser: 1000mW@450nm
Play Mode: DMX512 (10/34 channels), AUTO, Sound Activated, ILDA Mode (optional)
Beam Specification: Ca.7mm/1.5mrad
Scanner: 25Kpps
Max Scanning angle: 40°
Operation temperature: -20~35℃
G.W.: 5kg



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Buy a high quality laser animation projector from Zuet-Lighting. Zuet-Lighting animation laser light wholesaler & distributor provides incredibly portable, light, and high color temperature laser optical projectors. Animation laser light has a laser system that creates a beautiful animation effect of different text and graphics. Zuet-Lighting animation laser light has sharp beams, fast scanning systems, bright colors, good beam specifications, and suitable software. Thus it offers great angle stability and vivid animation.

Also, our animator’s complex shapes, texts, logos, and graphics show different colors and movements. Zuet-Lighting laser beams can also be adjusted to different sizes, positions, and angles, allowing for more precise control over the final output. The software programming for these lights is usually user-friendly, allowing designers and operators to easily create, edit and save their designs.

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Zuet-Lighting animated laser projector is highly portable. This full-color 3D animation laser light combines red, green, and blue beams to create more varied color combinations than simply the individual colors R, G, and B. It can project roughly 256 patterns and 15 animated visuals thanks to the high-end Galvo scanning system that is included.

Animation laser light wholesaler & distributor provides lights that have colorful lines, different patterns, and dynamic animated graphics. Thus, it creates a dazzling and fantastic visual show for people. It has a high-speed optical scanner and three brightness beam lights (red beam 150mw, green beam 50mw, and blue beam 150mw). Also, it has an operating mode with sound activated and DMX Control. Thus, it follows the beat of the music and switches to DMX mode to enjoy more professional lighting effects. Plus, it has built-in patterns, animations, and the ability to create and show graphics.

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We provide highly versatile solutions best suited for numerous applications and purposes. These lights are best for the entertainment and performance industries. They are popular in nightclubs, concerts, festivals, and other events to enhance the audience’s visual experience. Also, our light creates various customizable designs and travels long distances because of its high visibility. It makes them ideal for large venues and outdoor events where traditional lighting may not be effective.

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