1.Super Bright RGB &UV Light Effect. This compact party light is small but mighty. The colorful strobe light could deliver more than 60 patterns, to cover the whole room with various patterns. UV Light could enhance the visual effects especially in the dark, super bright and powerful light kit for rave party.

2.Music Activated & Remote Control. Besides Auto modes, the colorful strobe lights also runs to the beats of sounds. The dynamic Strobe lights will dance to the rhythm of the music. The party light turns your house or room into disco hall or bar secondly when music is on. Just shake your body to the rhythm of music at the party or just enjoy it stilly.

3.Just connect to power and remote control. With mounting bracket, the disco party light can be placed directly on table or ground, or it can be fixed on wall and ceiling. Everyone including the kids could use it easily.

4.Timer Function. If the kids wants to enjoy the party light for a short time before be time, timer function would be the right choice to help you to control the light by time. This function is available on remote controller.

5.The dj disco party light could be widely used in indoor & outdoor areas: bedroom, pub, disco, wedding, concerts, bar, birthday party, etcs. You could move it around any party to light up your room and entertain friends.

Model No.: ZT-R02
Power: 130mW
Red : 100mW@635nm
Green : 30mW@520nm
Play Mode: Sound active, Auto(Remote Control)
Package Dimension: 106X96X90mm
G.W.: 0.32kg



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