1. Bright RGB Colors. The LED Strobe Disco Ball could deliver RGB light, single or mixed. red, green, blue, red/green, red/blue, green/blue, or all the colors mixed. Super bright and powerful enough to be used for any disco parties.
  2. Besides Auto modes, you could enjoy Sound Activated mode if you dance. The dynamic Strobe effect lights will dance to the rhythm of the music. When music up, The light will flash to it. Remote controller could choose different sound control modes and colors, which helps you to use it conveniently anywhere any time.
  3. Easy to install, just connect to power and use it. With mounting bracket, the LED disco ball party light can be placed directly on table or ground, or it can be fixed on wall and ceiling. The lightweight ball allows you to take it wherever you want.
  4. The LED source could be used over 200000 hours, and the warranty of the LED lamp is lifetime. It is powerful but energy saving, a absolutely lovely strobe light for your party.
  5. This mini dj disco party light could be widely used in indoor-outdoor areas: bedroom, pub, disco, wedding, concerts, bar, birthday party, etc. You could move it around any party to light up your room and entertain kids and adults.
Model No.: ZT-R04
Power Source: LED
Red LED : 1W
Green : 1W
Blue LED : 1W
Play Mode: Sound active, Auto(Remote Control)
Package Dimension: 110X100X115mm
G.W.: 0.25kg



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