1.It’s for mobile dj party,4 head multi-color RGBP laser beam effects. Each aperture projects one color laser beam.

2.The fan-shaped housing allows the laser to have bigger scanning angle than normal units which enables the laser to cover more space.

3.Multi-color beam effects integrated into one laser that help to make your laser show more colorful.

4.Applicable for mobile dj, club, party, events etc.

Model No.: ZT-4 RGBP
Power: 550mW
Red Laser: 150mW@650nm
Green Laser: 50mW@520nm
Blue Laser: 100mW@450nm
Purple: 250mW(mixed by red + blue laser)
Play Mode: Sound active, Auto,DMX512,Master/Slave
Dimension: 445*200*75mm
G.W.: 3.9kg



DJ Beam Laser Suppliers & Manufacturers

In search of a DJ beam laser? DJ Beam Laser suppliers & manufacturers offer innovative lighting solutions. Dj beam lasers are light for DJ and stage lighting applications. It focuses and produces a desirable pattern or effect with mirrors and lenses. Zuet-Lighting DJ beam lasers provide a narrow diode beam of light. Also, it is adjustable and points in different directions to produce various effects. The laser diode usually emits a red, green, and blue color spectrum.

Usually, they combine mirrors and lenses to produce images, forms, and light beams that can be projected onto a surface or into the air. Our laser beam is super lightweight and easy to carry and use. Also, it has single and multi-color beams that create a beautiful effect in the room.

High Quality and Reliable DJ Beam Laser

At Zuet-Lighting, DJ Beam Laser suppliers & manufacturers carry a reliable and affordable Dj solution for our users. These lights are highly versatile and appealing. They help create a dynamic immersing effect that grabs customers’ attention in the clubs. Also, we offer different patterns, shapes, and styles of lights that can change people’s moods in seconds. We offer a highly flexible and adjustable laser beam in which one can adjust its speed and intensity easily.

Our DJ laser lights are frequently more affordable than others. They are best in a simple plug-and-play setup, require less maintenance, and are more energy-efficient. We also ensure and follow safe and adhere to strict safety standards. They have safety features, including automatic shut-off mechanisms in case of malfunction. Also, they produce low radiation levels. They are highly customizable and produce various effects. Also, they can change patterns based on the needs of the performance or event. People can enjoy music with lighting effects and get an immersive and coordinated experience.

Wholesale DJ Beam Laser For Multiple Purposes

Being professional suppliers & manufacturers, we provide lights for multiple entertainment purposes. Connect this light to a tablet, smartphone, laptop, or computer and enjoy a perfect disco theme. Moreover, they are popular with DJs, musicians, and event planners. Our DJ laser beams add a dynamic and visually engaging element to their performances or events.

People can enjoy beautiful effects at Christmas parties, new years, birthday parties, and weddings for decoration purposes. Also, they are helpful in shooting and outdoor shoots. Besides this, they are useful in theaters for giving stunning stage lights and a great effect in the ballroom. Even people can use it at home or in Bar KTV rooms.

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ZUET-Lighting provides a diverse range of high-quality, low-cost laser beam devices intended exclusively for entertainment. These products produce breathtaking visual effects that can improve any DJ’s performance. Thus, DJ Beam Laser suppliers & manufacturers promise to deliver reliable, long-lasting, and latest technology laser lights. Also, they are valuable in demanding circumstances like outdoor events or busy interior venues, you can depend on their laser beam devices to work consistently.

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